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Navigating Facility Management Year End Roundtable Insights and Strategies

The Year End Reflections Facilities Roundtable, moderated by David Trask from ARC Facilities and hosted by Facility Executive, highlighted discussions on managing […]

Why Facilities Managers Should Adopt a Multi-generational Staffing Strategy

Nearly 40 percent of facility managers are set to retire in the next eight years. With rapidly evolving technology and an aging […]

Facility Management Staffing Report 33

To help facility managers gauge if they are applying sufficient resources to the FM function, IFMA conducted a survey to assess staffing […]

Developing a Staffing Plan in the Public Sector

Proposal of the best staffing levels for the public sector and advice on how to develop a staffing strategy to meet customer […]

Don’t Overlook Adaptive Reuse as a Workplace Strategy: How to Plan, the Advantages and a Case Study of Department Store to Office Conversion

During the recent “New Normal Economy” workplace strategies have focused on making the best use of existing space or consolidating operations. With […]

Aligning Lean Facilities

The presentation provides a broad overview of Lean Process and how it applies to FM.