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Innovative Solutions to Water Damage Challenges

Water damage brings a variety of challenges that FMs must deal with – from property and asset damage to mold growth and […]

Be Prepared for Leaks and Flooding

FMs must often act as first responders when flooding occurs from plumbing issues, roof leaks, overflows, construction flaws and storms. Solving the […]

Managing Water Damage Emergencies In-house

Everyday leaks and flooding can cause serious problems including building downtime, expensive repairs, and health risks from mold and mildew. By being […]

Drying Guide for Simple Water Damage

Overflowing sinks, plumbing leaks, pipe freeze-ups, and other small water intrusions can often be resolved by in-house facilities staff using equipment stored […]

Complexities of Large Property Losses: Catastrophe Survival Guide

The presentation includes three perspectives for managing the complexities of property damage losses from financial tracking and insurance considerations, facility management concerns […]

Who Moved the Patient? Remapping the Outpatient Cancer Experience

The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, constructed in 2009, is a five story, 206,000 GSF, outpatient clinic, occupied in 2010. We embarked on […]

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Water Damage in Your Facility

Increase response time in water damage scenarios and collect reliable, actionable information for decision making by considering these five critical questions for […]