The facility organization requires the support of numerous stakeholders and has an obligation to keep those stakeholders informed.

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Field Service Software Comparison Chart

This comparison chart takes a look at top competitors in the field service software industry? Trying to decide what’s best for your […]

7 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Field Service Organizations

In today’s highly competitive field service industry, providing exceptional customer service is the key to success. But with so many factors to […]

Leading With a People-Centric Mindset as a Facilities Manager

In managing over 100 people, I learned how valuable it is to connect with your team and get to know their personalities […]

Inverting the Traditional Employee Communication Model: How ESFM Reached an Unreachable Workforce

Recorded live at IFMA’s World Workplace in 2022, ESFM presents best practices from the communication strategy that lead to earning the George […]

Ep. 4: The Power of Language and Involving Others for Successful Workplace Change

It has been said that 70% of change efforts fail. Employees and workplaces can’t afford that rate of failure. There are pragmatic […]

ESUS Webinar Playbook

This is a resource created by the ESUS Community to act as guide for conducting webinars.

Best Practices for Vetting Suppliers

Adequate vetting of suppliers is critical in today’s competitive business environment. The supplier sourcing process must include a rigorous evaluation that encompasses […]

Ep. 9: Next Generation Workplace Leadership and FM Education with Dr. Eunhwa Yang

Dr. Eunhwa Yang is an assistant professor in the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech where her scholarly passion lies in […]

Ep. 56: Business Continuity and Resilience | Maureen Roskoski - Senior Professional at FEA

Maureen Roskoski is a Senior Professional at Facility Engineering Associates where she focuses on promoting resilience and sustainability in existing facilities through […]

Ep. 37: Creating Inspiring Workplaces | Jeremy Macdonald - Adobe

Jeremy Macdonald, LEED AP, MCR is on a mission to create amazing and inspiring workspaces so that Adobe employees can reach their […]