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Reduce Operational and Embodied Carbon in Commercial Buildings with Modern Building Controls

Arup, a global leader in sustainable engineering services, partnered with Schneider Electric on a technical research study to quantify how the performance […]

The path to net-zero buildings: measure and monitor energy and carbon

Decarbonize with connected digital power technologies and services.

Operating, Maintaining and Optimizing Microgrid eGuide

Gain a better understanding of what to expect when evaluating ongoing needs for a microgrid and strategies and plans to to optimize […]

ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities

Energy! It’s one of a building’s major cost components. It’s a hot topic and will continue to be so. For most facilities, […]

Integrating Smart Building Control Systems to Enable Grid-Interactive Buildings (GIB)

Buildings are a major contributor to global energy-related CO2 emissions. Efforts to achieve net zero emissions for buildings involve, in part, reducing […]

Illuminating Facts About Facility Lighting

Lighting is an important component of facility safety and facility management. While there are many options for what types of lighting work […]

Understanding the Sequence and Strategy of Decarbonization

The concept of net-zero is simple: An organization must absorb as much carbon as it emits. Many organizations—and most countries—have committed to […]

Your Electric Bill Explained

This video from Pivot Energy explains everything you need to know about your electric bill.

It's Not Rocket Science: How to Achieve an Immediate ROI for Efficiency Improvement Projects

With 95% of companies requiring an ROI within 7 years or less, it is no wonder why Facility and Operation Managers are […]

Energy efficient by default

A look at incorporating efficiency into routine tenant fit outs and building renovations FMJ EXTRA | Case Study IPplePentation oI I63 in […]