Workplace Environment

The physical environment in which work is performed that the facility manager can influence.

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A Survey Instrument for Evaluating Workplace Occupant Satisfaction

The development and field test of this survey tool enabled evaluations of workplace settings, as well as supported workplace design and re-engineering, […]

EP026:The Future of the Hybrid Workplace and FM of Audio-Visual Systems

Today we are sitting down with Brian Reilly who works at Listen Technologies and Pat Birch from The Farm AV. Together they […]

Facility Managers and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

An article briefing about indoor environment quality and its importance. Responsibilities of facility managers in maintaining a better IEQ

8 Workplace Trends

The following 8 emerging workplace trends provide a host of benefits ranging from improved employee wellbeing to more innovation in the workplace—making […]

An Innovator’s Approach to Hybrid: Empathy and Iteration

All businesses are in a time of innovation. The defining characteristic that differentiates innovation from all other forms of value is its […]

2023 Workplace Predictions: 5 Worktech Trends to Watch

What lies ahead for the workplace in 2023? To succeed, leaders need to understand the policies, practices, and metrics that will most […]

The Future of the Sustainable Workplace

The core purpose of the workplace has shifted. Organizations need to do more to entice employees back to the workplace in a […]

FM:Systems Demo – Visitor Management

A product experts dives into using a Visitor Management solution to enable a hybrid workplace experience.

Workplace catering opportunities and challenges posed by the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc for workplace catering, with many services suspended indefinitely and others forced to suddenly adapt their offering […]

Adaptability VS Uncertainty: Why Modular Workplace Design Is Now or Never

What makes the modular workplace design so attractive is the capability of having a diverse workplace assemblage: private spaces for focused work, […]