Workplace Environment

The physical environment in which work is performed that the facility manager can influence.

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Climate Change and Respiratory Health in the Built Environment

For years, scientists and researchers have warned us of the effects of climate change on our outdoor environments and ecosystems. But what […]

A Survey Instrument for Evaluating Workplace Occupant Satisfaction

The development and field test of this survey tool enabled evaluations of workplace settings, as well as supported workplace design and re-engineering, […]

EP026:The Future of the Hybrid Workplace and FM of Audio-Visual Systems

Today we are sitting down with Brian Reilly who works at Listen Technologies and Pat Birch from The Farm AV. Together they […]

Facility Managers and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

An article briefing about indoor environment quality and its importance. Responsibilities of facility managers in maintaining a better IEQ

8 Workplace Trends

The following 8 emerging workplace trends provide a host of benefits ranging from improved employee wellbeing to more innovation in the workplace—making […]

An Innovator’s Approach to Hybrid: Empathy and Iteration

All businesses are in a time of innovation. The defining characteristic that differentiates innovation from all other forms of value is its […]

2023 Workplace Predictions: 5 Worktech Trends to Watch

What lies ahead for the workplace in 2023? To succeed, leaders need to understand the policies, practices, and metrics that will most […]

The Future of the Sustainable Workplace

The core purpose of the workplace has shifted. Organizations need to do more to entice employees back to the workplace in a […]

Creating Seamless Visitor Management

A product experts dives into using a Visitor Management solution to enable a hybrid workplace experience.

Top 6 AV Concerns in Conference Room Setup Solved with Access Flooring

As more people transition to remote work arrangements, companies are converting their extra space into multiple conference rooms wired for virtual communication. […]