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Reduce Operational and Embodied Carbon in Commercial Buildings with Modern Building Controls

Arup, a global leader in sustainable engineering services, partnered with Schneider Electric on a technical research study to quantify how the performance […]

7 Facility Management Strategies to Practice ESG

One of the most pressing challenges for building managers and commercial cleaners today is reducing their environmental impact while maintaining efficient operations. […]

Aging BMSs put your building and business at risk – start your modernization plan today

Blog post about the risks of not keeping your BMS updated.

The Future is Now: Increase Your Contribution by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Buildings and Beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world as we know it, impacting various industries, jobs and even the economy. While AI […]

The Value of Strategic HR Processes in Service Management

Service Management is about continuously creating value in the eyes of the customers. This perception of value and quality of service is […]

Now is the Time to Move to the Next-Generation of Building Management Systems

The capabilities of a building management system, or BMS, need to evolve to keep up with the demands of building owners, operators, […]

Healthy buildings: How technologies can reduce infectious disease transmission

Building controls integrated with smart building technology and applications can be enabled to help simplify, improve, and automate safety and infection risk […]

How HVAC and IAQ optimization supports healthy buildings now (part 1)

This blog post goes over the steps needed to enure occupant well-being.

How HVAC and IAQ optimization supports healthy buildings in the long-term (Part 2)

This blog from Schneider Electric covers how to sustain a healthy building over the long term.