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Customer Story: Innovative MLK Jr. Community Hospital Embraces Technology for Greater Efficiency

In this customer story, we see how the facilities team at a busy hospital in South Los Angeles is using technology to […]

Optimizing Dehumidification Strategies for Critical Environments

This white paper provides a framework for the different approaches to dehumidification for critical environments looking to achieve a Net Zero carbon […]

Six Steps Hospital Facilities Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Infectious Disease

You can help ensure safe operations of your facility by monitoring and controlling six areas.

Award winning hospital uses leading edge tech to keep their community safe

A case study of MLK Hospital and how we were able to provide an innovative solution to help streamline their facility management […]

Activity Modeling for Energy-Efficient Design of New Hospitals

This research shows how energy use in hospitals may be reduced through activity modeling and demand-control of hospital equipment and ventilation energy. […]

Engaging with Academia and Institutions of Higher Learning

While the traditional academic approach tends to focus on theory, many FM academic researchers use a rapid prototyping, applied approach to solving […]

HCC Benchmarking Business Value

Tips for FMs working in health care to effectively communicate the business value of FM initiatives to the C-Suite, using benchmarking to […]