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Real Estate Optimization Guide for the Hybrid Workplace

In this guide we’ll share three universal best practices to ensure your ever-changing workplace isn’t vastly underutilized and instead becomes a high-performing, […]

EP037: Optimizing Hybrid Workplace Strategies Utilizing Data-Driven Insights

Rafa Guevara, senior vice president and general manager of Professional Services at Office Space Software, is joined by his colleagues CJ Frey, […]

Adaptive Cleaning and Embracing Hybrid Workplaces | The Clean Slate

Taylor Moody from Lysol joins OpenWorks to discuss the impact of the work-from-home movement on commercial buildings and the cleaning industry. We […]

EP026:The Future of the Hybrid Workplace and FM of Audio-Visual Systems

Today we are sitting down with Brian Reilly who works at Listen Technologies and Pat Birch from The Farm AV. Together they […]

Does the Office Have a Future?

As the world has emerged from the once-in-a-century experience of a global pandemic, we find that a new social contract is being […]

2023 Workplace Predictions: 5 Worktech Trends to Watch

What lies ahead for the workplace in 2023? To succeed, leaders need to understand the policies, practices, and metrics that will most […]

How to Nurture Office Culture in the New Hybrid World

In 2023, hybrid working will continue to gain momentum. The way we manage facilities has changed as there are fewer employees, visitors […]

Hybrid is Here to Stay: How to be Successful

The workplace of today is dynamic and will continue to evolve as companies embrace and optimize the hybrid work model. In 2023, […]

Enhancing Workplace Resilience: The IAdea and iOffice + SpaceIQ Focus Group Guide

The insights and learnings from a focus group held by IAdea and iOffice + SpaceIQ at 2022’s Facility Fusion in Texas

The changing role of the office in a hybrid working world

Three experts from around the globe share their thinking about the pearls and pitfalls of returning to the office and flexible working. […]