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Does the Office Have a Future?

As the world has emerged from the once-in-a-century experience of a global pandemic, we find that a new social contract is being […]

Workplace Strategy Summit 2012: Research in Action

This report addresses proceedings from the inaugural Workplace Strategy Summit in the fall of 2012, which was organized by the IFMA Foundation’s […]

Space Utilization in Real Time: How Sensors and the Internet of Things are Providing Essential Data to Support New Ways of Working

For decades, facility managers and planners have relied on guesswork to know how workspace is actually utilized. The problem has become acute […]

Making Sense of BIM for FM: Managing for the Building Life Cycle

Learn about building information modeling (BIM) and how it can improve the effectiveness of your building lifecycle management. Review the current state […]

Two Shades of Green: Balancing Sustainability and Savings

Guidelines for establishing a lifecycle approach to sustainability management. Review a case study in which General Dynamics C4 Systems used their CMMS […]