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Ep. 24: Asset Management, BIM, and Building Tech for Workplace Leaders with Michael DeLacey

Michael DeLacey is Principal and CEO of Microdesk, an Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations & Maintenance industry consultancy, with decades of experience […]

The Future of Technology in Facility Management: Today's Differentiators are Tomorrow’s Best Practices

As leaders of commercial real estate’s technology evolution, facility professionals must harness data generated by buildings to operate them as efficiently as […]

Data Integration: Building a Digital Ecosystem for FM Success

Learning Objective 1: Identify challenges in addressing data integration and data aggregation issues for FM. •Learning Objective 2: Define the components of […]

Get the Supplier You Deserve

Facility managers rely on service providers to be successful. When they fail, you fail and you don’t have the luxury of blaming […]

Building Awareness: What it means when facilities become “people literate”

New technologies such as sensors, biometric readers, voice recognition devices, satisfaction buttons, and smart materials are making our buildings more “aware” – […]

Leading and Developing a Built Environment Coalition (RE+FM+IT+HR)

Company departments and technology are still very silo’ed, resulting in poor communication, inconsistent data, weak analysis, and disconnected forecast. This presentation envisions […]