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Facility Managers and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

An article briefing about indoor environment quality and its importance. Responsibilities of facility managers in maintaining a better IEQ

Illuminating Facts About Facility Lighting

Lighting is an important component of facility safety and facility management. While there are many options for what types of lighting work […]

Benefits of Adjustable LED Task Lighting

Duke University employees conduct an evidence-based study assessing the ergonomic and/or calculated utility power consumption benefits of adjustable LED task lighting vs […]

Three Common Issues With HID High Bay Lighting

This blog post brings to light the issues associated with metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps. Despite the ubiquity of these types […]

How LED Lighting and Lighting Control Technology Can Reduce Energy Usage and Save Money.

The intention of this article is to introduce important concepts about lighting and the many financial benefits of implementing an upgrade, so […]

Three Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights

Learn why LED lighting technology provides excellent benefits for parking lot and area lighting applications. 3 Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights […]

Smart Lighting There Is More to It Than Changing Lamps and Ballasts

A beginner’s guide to corporate lighting upgrade tips for maximized energy savings. Review of lighting technologies from the scope of the three […]

This is your Brain on Space: Architecture and Neurology

An introduction to human neurology in relation to the built environment. Research raising awareness of how architecture impacts the neurology of the […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: Lighting Solutions

This guide gathers knowledge from extensive research and lighting specialists to provide a complete description of sustainable lighting options, including basic lighting […]

Three Common Issues With Conventional Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is outdoor lighting typically mounted on poles and located in parking lots, pathways and driveways, providing illumination for vehicles […]