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A Model for the Creation of Shared Assumptions

Analysis of the Best Value Business Model (BVM) as a tool to align organizational culture differences, providing a structured planning and meeting […]

Ep. 65: Next Generation Facility Management

Caroline Horton, FMP is a Facilities Associate at a financial services company in New York City where she focuses on project management, […]

The Power of Leverage in Real Estate and Workplace Strategy

Too much leverage is lost in organizations due to a lack of a comprehensive real estate and workplace strategy. Corporate relocation and […]

A Critical Review of Value Management and Whole-life Costing on Construction Projects

This paper captures the range of conflicting assumptions on the theory and practice of value management (VM) and life cycle cost (LCC). […]

The Struggle with Projects and Work Orders

Solving facility management challenges in public agencies and universities is easier through incremental change. Bring positive change through a robust standardized definition […]

Prioritizing Functionally Diverse and Geographically Dispersed Facility Upgrades

By studying the variables of asset upgrade prioritization, this piece recommends the use of a priority matrix, tested against a scale, to […]

Grabbing the Attention of the CFO: Finance for Dummies

Does your CEO and CFO speak a foreign language? Do you know how to grab their attention so that they will approve […]

Sell Your Projects with CFO Jargon

Learn how to develop meaningful facility-related ratios to measure performance; justify your projects using finance terminology and CFO- speak; and explain how […]

Project Plan Template for Re-entry to Facility after COVID-19

This Excel download is a template developed as a supplement to IFMA’s Strategic Re-Entry Framework. It is intended to get you started […]

Clearing All the Hurdles: RICS Modus - Casefile

Read about the radical transformation that has brought greater accountability and clarity to facility management at the Hong Kong Jockey Club; a […]