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Decarbonization of the Building Stock and its Operation: The Role of Facility Managers

Decarbonizing building stock and building operations has emerged as a pivotal arena for change. Facility managers (FMs) stand at the forefront of […]

Decarbonization Video Series

This video blog series highlights the important work of our carbon reduction partners, who share takeaways, best practices, and actionable steps you […]

Understanding the Sequence and Strategy of Decarbonization

The concept of net-zero is simple: An organization must absorb as much carbon as it emits. Many organizations—and most countries—have committed to […]

Low Carbon Technology Strategies Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support owners and operators of existing buildings in planning retrofit and operational strategies to achieve deep carbon […]

4 Reasons to Retrofit Buildings for Net-zero Operations

Global building owners and operators recognize that much work is needed to help meet the IPCC-specified goal of limiting global warming to […]

Build it for Zero Carbon: A Roadmap to Realizing Decarbonization of Buildings

Over 120 countries have committed to net-zero 2050 targets. Sustainability is no longer nice to have, it’s mandatory in order to remain […]

Ep. 6: The Enhancing Effects of Biophilia at the Workplace

The human being has an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other life forms. But with the growth of cities […]

If Buildings Are The Problem, What Is The Solution? Case Studies of Facility Managers Driving Climate Impact

You can’t talk about fighting climate change without talking about commercial properties and energy use. Building-related emissions account for about one-third of […]

Life After Carbon: The Next Global Transformation of Cities

Explores the ideas framed in “Life After Carbon,” a sweeping look at how the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of […]