Technology Implementation

The methodical course of action to plan, organize and execute the sequence of activities toward the realization of the desired end result.

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How to Maintain Constantly Evolving Smart Buildings

Modern building systems must support devices from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Here are some best practices for how to make that all […]

The Role of AI in the Future of Work

Prepare for an AI-driven world and augmented workforce where human potential and innovation support each other. Discover how AI technology is reshaping […]

Ways Technology Can Save Your Business Both Time and Money

From hiring skilled resources to purchasing inventory or fuel, costs, in general, are going up. Technology is helping today’s top field service […]

A New Era in Commercial Buildings Efficiency and Service

Facility management has evolved over time to satisfy the changing requirements of corporate occupiers. There is a continuing need to improve efficiency […]

Technology Brief: How EaaS Microgrids Optimized with VPP Software Accelerates The Energy Transition

Energy-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions offer customers the unique opportunity to dramatically increase their energy resiliency while incurring no upfront capital costs and make […]

Optimizing the Workplace Through Technology

Delve into the role of IT/AV/Security, PropTech, and other technologies in designing efficient workspaces, reducing functional overlap, and enhancing occupant well-being in […]

Technology Advances are Changing the Facilities Management Role

The content discusses how technology has drastically changed the role of facilities management. This e-book is helpful for companies looking to understand […]

The Top Five Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Every stakeholder now has a vested interest in how the relationship between the building, the employees, and visitors is managed. That’s why […]

Digital Services: A guide to making data-driven decisions for your facilities

A guide to how connected experts help you make data-driven decisions for your facilities to run continuously, efficiently and sustainably.

Low Carbon Technology Strategies Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support owners and operators of existing buildings in planning retrofit and operational strategies to achieve deep carbon […]