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EP035: The Dynamics of Soft and Hard Services in Facilities Management

Today we are joined by Mauro Ortelli the Managing Director at 14forty, Jacqueline van Beek the Managing Director at Compass Group Netherlands, […]

EP034: Flipping the Script - IFMA Puts Mike Petrusky in the Interviewee Seat

Today we are joined by IFMA Global Board of Directors Chair Dean Stanberry and Mike Petrusky, host of the Workplace Innovator and […]

Cool Schools: Most Innovative School & University Buildings

Innovative learning centers are emerging nationwide with a focus on design, sustainability, and energy efficiency, aligned with the International Facility Management Association’s […]

Women in Facilities: Stories of Leadership, Inspiration, and Innovation

About a year ago, we launched Women in Facilities, Stories of Leadership, Inspiration, and Innovation. It’s been fascinating getting to know these […]

Welcome to 2023: Introducing IFMA's new Knowledge Library

It’s official, we’re in the future… 🚀 …And with it, we bring you a whole new Knowledge Library! Hi! 👋 Chris Leake […]

IFMA Advocacy Day 2020 Presentation

IFMA Advocacy Day 2020 slide deck that covers the state of IFMA Government Affairs and presentations by elected officials on how they […]

Rethinking campus space planning to better meet post-COVID needs

Spurred on by the pandemic, Managers of Learning Environments and Technology have had to think on their feet when adapting how they […]

Facility Management as an Intentional Career Path

Mahender Singh.R MRICS, Director of IFMA India & South East Asia, discusses the transition to Facility Management as an intentional career and […]

How Workplace Design Can Galvanize 21st Century Business Strategies

Can workplace design improve collaboration between multi-generational workers, while also supporting an innovative business model? This study shows how office design helps […]

Reducing Energy Costs: How One University Realized Drastic Savings Through an Innovative Control System

Providing a case study example, this piece suggests that FMs should blend an organization’s building systems and information technology architecture into a […]