Space Management

The systematic approach to managing space to make it as productive and efficient as possible and to fully support the activities of the demand organization.

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Your Space or Mine: New Findings from IFMA's Space and Project Management Study

Results from IFMA’s 2010 Space and Project Management Benchmarks Research Report. An entry point for FMs pursuing industry data in space comparisons, […]

When a building Isn’t Just a Building: Why Space Matters

Space matters. The “who, when, and how” – and how much it costs – are at the heart of an organization’s real […]

The Unrealized Potential of Space Management: What You Need to Know to Benchmark Your Workspace Maturity

The research paper identifies six categories by which companies should measure and evaluate their workspace management programs. It also assesses a structured […]

3 Ways Space Management Solutions Enable a Safer, More Responsive Workplace

Why office space needs are shifting and how space management is being simplified using mature smart building technology that helps create a […]

Intelligent space management + the right services: how to create the workplace experience we all need now

The way we work has changed. But what remains constant is the need to provide the right workplace experience. In the age […]

Award winning hospital uses leading edge tech to keep their community safe

A case study of MLK Hospital and how we were able to provide an innovative solution to help streamline their facility management […]

Optimizing Space and Safety for Employees in the COVID-19 Era

After 95% of IBM’s employees shifted from the office to working from home because of the pandemic, the IBM Global Real Estate […]

How to Optimize Space and Improve Employee Productivity with Smart Buildings

Space matter. It’s at the heart of your real estate strategy and helps you deliver the right workplace experience. In this 20-minute […]

IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Workplace Experience

For today’s RE and FM professionals, it’s about winning the hearts and minds of employees by delivering the right space and the […]

IBM TRIRIGA Space Management Demo

Employ the power of AI to build safe, productive, and efficient spaces. Take this quick tour through the space management capabilities of […]