Facilities are an integral part of any organization’s efforts to satisfy its social responsibilities and maintain compliance with laws/regulations.

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Using CO2 Sensors for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings

Carbon dioxide has been utilized as a metric for indoor air quality and as an energy-saving strategy through demand control ventilation (DCV). […]

Integrating Smart Building Control Systems to Enable Grid-Interactive Buildings (GIB)

Buildings are a major contributor to global energy-related CO2 emissions. Efforts to achieve net zero emissions for buildings involve, in part, reducing […]

Technology Brief: How EaaS Microgrids Optimized with VPP Software Accelerates The Energy Transition

Energy-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions offer customers the unique opportunity to dramatically increase their energy resiliency while incurring no upfront capital costs and make […]

Illuminating Facts About Facility Lighting

Lighting is an important component of facility safety and facility management. While there are many options for what types of lighting work […]

The Dynamic Workplace Technology Assessment

This interactive e-book lets the reader to an assessment for someone to see how their company is adjusting to a changing workplace. […]

Understanding the Sequence and Strategy of Decarbonization

The concept of net-zero is simple: An organization must absorb as much carbon as it emits. Many organizations—and most countries—have committed to […]

Operational Emissions Accounting for Commercial Buildings

This report reviews existing operational GHG emission accounting approaches, frameworks, and data sources. The report and factsheet provide information to support decisions […]

FM Best Practices for Heroic Work Order Management

Successful facilities managers (FMs) have to be expert multitaskers, often managing multiple work orders while tracking project timelines, completion dates, costs, downtimes, […]

Zero Waste Success Requires Occupant Buy-in

ESFM presents proven strategies from multiple client case studies to educate and engage building occupants on the path to zero waste. Speaker […]

How to Perform a Facility Recycling Audit

A look at how recycling can benefit organizations and why FMs should perform a recycling audit to identify efficiencies and reduce contamination.