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Sustainable FM Getting Started

The basics of sustainable facility management, including an outline of essential strategies and tools paired with case studies illustrating successful sustainability in […]

The return to workplace is happening. Is your building ready?

This takes a look at the four key areas: occupant well-being, space management, occupant engagement, and building operational efficiency, that your building […]

Zero Energy Buildings: The Future of the Built Environment

Read about the transition of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) whose energy generation program supports sustainable infrastructures and the advancement […]

Build, Renovate or Demolish: What do Healthcare Facilities do with Aging Assets?

Aging assets goes beyond aging infrastructure. This presentation will illustrate a comprehensive approach to asset value and utilization. It will guide you […]

Carbon Reporting Basics Webinar

Investigate the drivers for sustainable building practices, the key issues of corporate sustainability, the impact of commercial property‚Äôs carbon footprint, and sustainability […]

ENERGY Cost Savings for Facilities

Energy management is an integral part of the day-to-day operations for facility managers and property owners. Rising energy costs and increasing interest […]

Case Study: Do Green Buildings Perform as Designed?

This case study seeks to determine if the green technologies used within a LEED-certified building are performing as designed, assessing the operational […]

Construction Claims: Impact of Defective Construction on Long-term Facility Maintenance Costs

A study conducted to quantify the impact of defective construction procedures and methods on sustainable construction projects’ recurring FM costs. The data […]

LEED Presentation (May 2006)

A comprehensive presentation on the basics for developing a Sustainable Facility Program, including LEED rating systems and frameworks for building assessment, and […]