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Cool Schools: Most Innovative School & University Buildings

Innovative learning centers are emerging nationwide with a focus on design, sustainability, and energy efficiency, aligned with the International Facility Management Association’s […]

EP020: Balancing the ‘E’ and ‘S’ of ESG – Creating Offices that Benefit both People and the Planet

There’s a tension between making buildings as energy efficient as possible and improving indoor air quality. But with climate and comfort being […]

Integrating Smart Building Control Systems to Enable Grid-Interactive Buildings (GIB)

Buildings are a major contributor to global energy-related CO2 emissions. Efforts to achieve net zero emissions for buildings involve, in part, reducing […]

Technology Brief: How EaaS Microgrids Optimized with VPP Software Accelerates The Energy Transition

Energy-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions offer customers the unique opportunity to dramatically increase their energy resiliency while incurring no upfront capital costs and make […]

4 Reasons to Retrofit Buildings for Net-zero Operations

Global building owners and operators recognize that much work is needed to help meet the IPCC-specified goal of limiting global warming to […]

How facility managers should lead net-zero action and how to start that journey

The world is now experiencing the convergence of two major crises. The first is the climate crisis, for which most countries are […]

Your Electric Bill Explained

This video from Pivot Energy explains everything you need to know about your electric bill.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection: What Facility Managers Have to Know

Facility management has a significant influence on the efficient use and operation of buildings and infrastructure, where about 30% of total CO2 […]

Energy efficient by default

A look at incorporating efficiency into routine tenant fit outs and building renovations FMJ EXTRA | Case Study IPplePentation oI I63 in […]

Swire Properties Ensure a Sustainable Future

A brief overview of how Schneider helps Swire Properties work towards 2030 sustainability goals by combining IT and OT solutions to help […]