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Make Buildings Healthy

A New Approach to Healthy Buildings! ASHRAE Standard 241 was released. The guide to creating infection-resilient buildings! Learn how this standard empowers […]

Healthy Buildings, Healthy Bottom Line

As companies are preparing to respond to proposed mandatory reporting requirements, facility managers can take steps to ensure their building systems are […]

How healthy is your building?

In this post, you will learn about the exciting launch of the new WELL Performance Standard designed to encourage and recognize building […]

How HVAC and IAQ optimization supports healthy buildings now (part 1)

This blog post goes over the steps needed to enure occupant well-being.

How HVAC and IAQ optimization supports healthy buildings in the long-term (Part 2)

This blog from Schneider Electric covers how to sustain a healthy building over the long term.

Innovation Talk Highlights: Healthy Buildings

A panel of experts share their tips and success stories on how we can better seize the benefits of digitization to serve […]

3 Ways Space Management Solutions Enable a Safer, More Responsive Workplace

Why office space needs are shifting and how space management is being simplified using mature smart building technology that helps create a […]

4 Ways Smart Building Technology Helps Optimize Operational Efficiency

This blog covers smart building technology and how it helps optimize operational efficiency and optimizing facility management and reduce costs. This is […]

Healthy buildings: How technologies can reduce infectious disease transmission

Building controls integrated with smart building technology and applications can be enabled to help simplify, improve, and automate safety and infection risk […]

Creating Healthier Workspaces

Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of healthy buildings. Here’s what they’re doing to boost wellness in their properties.