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Experiencing Change: Discover a New Future

A look at change management and the impact of the facility manager who manages change, including a case study about change management […]

Ep. 10: Employee Engagement and Culture Change Strategies with Author and Speaker Jill Christensen

Jill Christensen is a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, and she partners with the best and brightest leaders around the world to […]

Merging Brand and Culture Within a Facility

Learn how to align organizational culture and business objectives to effectively support work processes. Using a Nissan campus as a case example, […]

A Model for the Creation of Shared Assumptions

Analysis of the Best Value Business Model (BVM) as a tool to align organizational culture differences, providing a structured planning and meeting […]

Concept of the Chief Facility Executive

Through literature review, discussions with peers in online communities, and interviews by phone/email with FM and corporate real estate (CRE) executives, this […]

Dyadic Relationships for Leaders in Facility Management

A collection of 16 case studies and in-depth interviews examine how leaders practice relationship building with subordinates, including whether different qualities in […]

Space, Conversations and Place: Lessons from Organizational Development

Addressing the effects of space on cognitive processes, this research suggests that modern workplaces (with their emphasis on interaction) need to focus […]

Does Workplace Matter? Perceived Satisfaction with Physical Workspace as a Driver of Worker Performance

Researchers surveyed 408 randomly selected office workers in an effort to understand the relationship between workers’ perceived satisfaction level with workspace, and […]

Linking Corporate Office Design and Organizational Performance: Results from an HQ Renovation

Research findings arranged to compare the benefits of balancing user-centered design and prescriptive interior design to drive organizational change. Linking Corporate Office […]

Better Than Financial Metrics: The Importance of Environmental Performance Metrics

Effective environmental performance measurement proves organizational environmental responsibility, but also points to actions that can further enhance environmental performance while simultaneously improving […]