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Best Practices for Vetting Suppliers

Adequate vetting of suppliers is critical in today’s competitive business environment. The supplier sourcing process must include a rigorous evaluation that encompasses […]

The Facilities Manager's Guide to Smarter Vendor Management

Five steps your organization can take to create trusted vendor relationships more efficiently, manage top vendors and form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships […]

The Future of Technology in Facility Management: Today's Differentiators are Tomorrow’s Best Practices

As leaders of commercial real estate’s technology evolution, facility professionals must harness data generated by buildings to operate them as efficiently as […]

FMs Can Impact the Procurement Landscape by Modifying the Technical Requirements

A major problem for facility managers is to get the procurement department to procure expert vendors. Hiring an expert is often neglected […]

Developing an Effective Scope of Work for Operations and Service Contracts

This presentation examines challenges FMs face in preparing a Scope of Work, the “Silver Bullet” of Scope Development, operationally-focused procurement tools, and […]

The Hidden Secret of Sustainable FM Partnerships: Selecting an Expert (Trusted Advisor) vs. a Supplier

This presentation identifies the need to change the sourcing process for the delivery of Integrated Facility Services (IFS) to meet the need […]

Successful Contracting: Seeing It from Both Sides

Successful contracting begins with basic important elements, but do we always take the time and effort it takes to do it well? […]

Move Your RFP from a C to an A+! Five Things You Can do Today

The RFPs (Requests for Proposal) we use today are often borrowed from our friends or found on the IFMA Engage website. These […]

How to Make the FM Outsourcing Decision for Small and Medium Companies

The trend toward outsourcing facility management is well established among the Fortune 500 companies. The benefits of outsourcing are known and have […]

The Stellar RFP: The Sourcing Process from Facility Manager and Vendor Perspectives

This presentation is an opportunity to simultaneously examine the RFP process from both the FM and vendor perspectives. FMs will learn a […]