Communication Planning

The process of creating a communications strategy with the goal to influence the opinions, actions and decisions of the intended audience (stakeholders). 

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Leading With a People-Centric Mindset as a Facilities Manager

In managing over 100 people, I learned how valuable it is to connect with your team and get to know their personalities […]

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Recycling is important, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic where there’s been an increased demand for necessary supplies. Check out these three easy […]

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Proven Strategies to Become a Better Listener

Each day facility managers and their staff are involved in a variety of communications with customers and colleagues that make or break […]

Common Executive Missteps in Real Estate and Workplace Strategy

This article focuses on some of the root causes of executive-level mistakes in real estate and workplace strategy, discussing the link between […]

Media Training for FMs: Applying What Works at Home and in the Office

The skill of effective communication is discussed at its most fundamental levels, building toward specific strategies for persuasive communication designed to motivate […]

Best Practices in Mobile Computing, Space Standards, and Planning Service Centers through Benchmarking

The IFMA Utility Council presents best practices for mobile computing, space standards, and planning service centers through benchmarking programs. IFMA’s Utility Council […]