The process of selecting the appropriate delivery method and sending messages such that they are received by/available to the intended audience within the appropriate timeframe to be acted upon as applicable.

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7 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Field Service Organizations

In today’s highly competitive field service industry, providing exceptional customer service is the key to success. But with so many factors to […]

The FM-Negotiation Lifecycle: From Challenge and Conflict to Collaboration and Calm

Body language and verbal communication are critical to successful relationships. The secret is to learn as much as possible about Body Language […]

Effective Project Leadership: You Are Not the Project

You are not the project and nine other Project Management tips for effective project management. During this session ten tips you may […]

Digitization in a Validated IFM Environment

The Digital Transformation in facilities management allows for greater productivity, a higher level of quality assurances and drives compliance within a validated […]

Creating the Next-Gen Collaborative Work Environment: A Cisco Case Study

Formal and informal collaboration spaces are dominating new office environments. Technology is a vital component in these new work settings. Creating spaces […]

The Under-Appreciated FM? How to Add, Create and Bring Value to your Organization

Ever felt a bit under appreciated? As if your company has no idea what you do or the value that you and […]

Small Space, Big Impact: MIBG Treatment Suites for Pediatric Patients

Case study detailing the space design of the MIBG treatment suites at Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

Developing an IT Roadmap for Working Facility Managers

The workplace is evolving at a rapid pace with today‚Äôs talented workforce creating the need for strategies and tools to help them […]

The Stellar RFP: The Sourcing Process from Facility Manager and Vendor Perspectives

This presentation is an opportunity to simultaneously examine the RFP process from both the FM and vendor perspectives. FMs will learn a […]

The Scope of Facility Management

The FM industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors over the last few decades. However, the scope and identity of […]