The process of organizing the tasks, resources and people required to
accomplish a unit of work.

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Rethinking campus space planning to better meet post-COVID needs

Spurred on by the pandemic, Managers of Learning Environments and Technology have had to think on their feet when adapting how they […]

Best Practices for Vetting Suppliers

Adequate vetting of suppliers is critical in today’s competitive business environment. The supplier sourcing process must include a rigorous evaluation that encompasses […]

Relocation Project Management

A comprehensive relocation project management methodology that identifies the company objective for the project, project goals/objectives, and an understanding that relocation doesn’t […]

How to Prepare Your Site for a Roll-Off Dumpster

Dumpster FAQs & tips for business customers when preparing a delivery area for a roll-off dumpster, understanding which materials are acceptable and […]

IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Space Planning and Occupancy

For today’s RE and FM professionals, it’s no longer about mops and buckets, it’s about using technology and data to effectively manage […]

How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value: A Guide for Owner - Occupants

Learn how to calculate and present deep retrofit value based on a model that builds business value through highly efficient buildings and […]