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Catering Benchmark of Swiss Hospitals: Continued Research

This paper is a follow-up to the research entitled, “A Method to Benchmark Swiss Hospital Catering” by Hofer, Honegger and Züger (2013). […]

Coping with Construction-Related Noise and Vibrations

A university lab construction process is presented as a case study to illustrate important concepts related to construction vibration and noise, demonstrating […]

Essential Requirements for the Parameterization of Food Waste in Hospitals

This research explores the topic of food waste from the economic perspective to provide a framework for improving both cost and process […]

IFM Allocation Model for Support Services in Hospitals as a Basis for FM Driven Financing of Healthcare Real Estate

Based on European standard, BS EN 15221-4: Taxonomy of FM, this research was pursued to create a model for systematically developing FM […]

Activity Modeling for Energy-Efficient Design of New Hospitals

This research shows how energy use in hospitals may be reduced through activity modeling and demand-control of hospital equipment and ventilation energy. […]

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for FM: An Industry Survey

This presentation presents discovery of current methods that FMs use to manage and track assets; identify attributes for Building Information Modeling (BIM) […]

A Method to Benchmark Cleaning Services in Swiss Hospitals

This paper uses a qualitative research design to develop a benchmark methodology for cleaning services in Swiss hospitals, resulting in 21 clearly […]

Health Care Facility Space and Equipment Management During High Patient Demand

This paper identifies the problem of overcrowding in several hospital case studies and explores strategies applied for mitigation, providing staff opinions and […]

A Method to Benchmark Swiss Hospital Catering

Qualitative research addressing how FM costs emerge and are justified in Swiss hospitals, informing the development of a benchmarking method for Swiss […]

Who Moved the Patient? Remapping the Outpatient Cancer Experience

The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, constructed in 2009, is a five story, 206,000 GSF, outpatient clinic, occupied in 2010. We embarked on […]