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A Survey Instrument for Evaluating Workplace Occupant Satisfaction

The development and field test of this survey tool enabled evaluations of workplace settings, as well as supported workplace design and re-engineering, […]

2022 Refocus & Rationalize the Workplace Report

With many U.S. organizations moving past the initial challenges of employees returning to work in the post-pandemic world, business leaders are under […]

Transforming the Workplace at SCAN Health

This white paper describes a major redesign of a standard corporate office environment at SCAN Health Plan. The focus of the redesign […]

IFMA COE Space Types Tips Protocols

A one page workspace protocol guide for IFMA Center of Excellence (COE) occupants, to support understanding of differing types of workspaces in […]

How to Facilitate Knowledge Work in Universities

Knowledge workers share two basic needs: their productivity requires isolation (internalization of knowledge) and interaction (externalization of knowledge), supported by different spatial […]

Ep. 28: "The Power of Place" | Kay Sargent - Director of WorkPlace at HOK

Kay Sargent is a senior principal and director of HOK’s WorkPlace practice and Mike Petrusky recently asked Kay to discuss strategies for […]

Space Fusion

As the lines between work, life, learn and play blur more and more today, we are seeing design elements from previously siloed […]

Are You Giving Your Workplace Clients Enough Office Space? Revelations and Calculations about Circulation

Are you correctly calculating circulation for today’s modern work environments? If not, you may be experiencing significant challenges to accommodate the space […]

Providing Exceptional Customer Experience is a Team Sport

Bringing together the talents of your Facility Management personnel, Human Resources expertise and partnering with solid Shared Contract Services provider is the […]

Workplace Quality Assessment: A Guide to Office Building Quality

Offices must be simple and flexible to empower employees, not hinder them. To maintain engagement, companies must prioritize their workspace. By applying […]