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What's Your I(A)Q?

Indoor Air Quality is one of those topics that has become unquestionably important. For the typical FM, IAQ has been important because […]

Sustainable FM Getting Started

The basics of sustainable facility management, including an outline of essential strategies and tools paired with case studies illustrating successful sustainability in […]

A City Quests for the Gold

The City of Richmond, California achieved a Gold LEED Rating for the renovation of their City Hall and former Hall of Justice, […]

LEED Professional Credentials Webinar

Increase your understanding of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) by reviewing LEED program organization, as well as LEED core curriculum, […]

Case Study: Do Green Buildings Perform as Designed?

This case study seeks to determine if the green technologies used within a LEED-certified building are performing as designed, assessing the operational […]

Comparison of Thirty Green Building Projects Across the United States: Common Elements

In an effort to create a foundation for green evaluation, this study examines the green elements used in 16 single-family homes and […]

Integration of Commissioning and Preventive Maintenance Services

Learn how the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) successfully implemented an ongoing commissioning program with in-house resources but with no additional staff while […]

If Buildings Are The Problem, What Is The Solution? Case Studies of Facility Managers Driving Climate Impact

You can’t talk about fighting climate change without talking about commercial properties and energy use. Building-related emissions account for about one-third of […]

Hospitality FM & Engineers: Energy and Sustainability

Advice from the Hospitality Facility Managers & Engineers Community of Practice for balancing customer experience with sustainability practices, with a specific focus […]

Construction Claims: Impact of Defective Construction on Long-term Facility Maintenance Costs

A study conducted to quantify the impact of defective construction procedures and methods on sustainable construction projects’ recurring FM costs. The data […]