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Factors Impacting Retention and Advancement of Women in Facility Management

IFMA’s 2023 Women in Facility Management report highlights the underrepresentation of women in senior FM roles, a concerning trend amid rising demand […]

Ep. 14: DEIB in the Workplace: Conversations That Include Everyone

Join us for another edition of the IFMA Foundation’s new series, Rework: The Sustainable Development Chronicles. In today’s episode, Jessica Bantom, author […]

Women in Facilities: Stories of Leadership, Inspiration, and Innovation

About a year ago, we launched Women in Facilities, Stories of Leadership, Inspiration, and Innovation. It’s been fascinating getting to know these […]

TGI Neurodiversity and Workplace Inclusivity

Do you consider neurodiversity when you design work spaces? Many of the strengths that neurodiverse people possess are highly sought after and […]

8 Workplace Trends

The following 8 emerging workplace trends provide a host of benefits ranging from improved employee wellbeing to more innovation in the workplace—making […]

Diversity in Outsourcing

The global workforce is currently undergoing significant and rapid demographic changes. This is especially true in western countries but is becoming increasingly […]

Diversity Management: A Diverse Leadership Yields Higher Earnings

Diversity is not an end in itself but a means to something greater — to improve competitiveness and the bottom line. In […]

Pursuing Racial Diversity in IFMA Accredited Degree Programs

An action research study identifying strategies to increase racial diversity in the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Accredited Degree Programs (ADPs) through […]

Empowering Supplier Diversity: Strategies to Attract the Right Attention

Connecting business decisions at the ground level to the key CSR pillars of the company, can more than just improve the local […]

The New Inclusivity: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

At a time when many organizations report struggling to find and retain highly-skilled talent, people on the job are stressed out and […]